Friday, November 2, 2012

thankful (2)

I'm thankful for my family (top) and my husband's family!
For awhile when we first got married I wanted to move away as far as I could from our family. If it had been up to me we probably would have ended up somewhere west or north. I just wanted some space and to experience living somewhere else besides here in Virginia:) I kept insisting on it but my husband, Nathan, didn't feel like we needed to leave as much as i did. He had just gotten a job at UPS when we got married and didn't want to give that up. Now I can say that I am glad that he didn't listen to me!

I now have my parents and his parents within 10 minutes from us! We have relied on them in so many ways over the past 9 years of our marriage. Our girls are so close to all of them....4 uncles, 8 aunts, 2 sets of grandparents and 3 (almost 4) cousins. Although they do not all live nearby, most of them do and my brother (in Roanoke) and sister (in Tennessee) we still get to see at family gatherings. 

I'm thankful for the relationship that we have with our parents and siblings and for the relationships that our girls have with them. They have been a part of molding who our family has become today!