Tuesday, November 6, 2012

thankful (6)

The running trail
When I was in middle/high school I ran track and cross country.
I developed a love for running but now I am even more
appreciative of the times that I get to go running. I love going to 
the trail in Smithfield for a run through the woods. It is such a stress
reliever for me to go drop the girls off at the ymca then go run by myself 
or sometimes with a friend. I put my music on and zone out for a few miles! 

I like to set goals and challenge myself! With running, I can do this.
I love the feeling after a run when I know that I 
have accomplished my goal. It is such a great feeling!
It is not always easy getting into a run but once I get past 
that point where it hurts then I am in the zone:) 

Whenever Nathan sees me reaching my level of stress capacity,
he tells me "you need to go run." He knows that I will 
come back in a much better mood afterwards:)