Saturday, November 17, 2012

thankful (17)

The girls had a swim meet today and had their best meet yet. I was 
so proud of them and loved being able to cheer them on! 
They each had five different events to swim,
So, we were on the pool deck most of the afternoon watching them swim,
and by the end of the meet they were exhausted and so was I:)
After a warm shower and dinner, we enjoyed some hot chocolate. 
This made them so happy and me too. 
I love hot chocolate with marshmallows and its even better on a cold day.
They said that it was the "best day ever," as they were drinking their
hot chocolate. This is such a simple thing that brings them so 
much happiness. 
We have a lot of "best day evers" around here:) and I hope 
that we keep having many more:)

Thankful for the deliciousness of hot chocolate!