Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thankful (21)

We are extremely thankful for the Mora family! Our kids have 
grown up together and we have been in a community group
together with them for the last five years. Their kids are so
precious and our girls love them to death! Grant and Rebekah
are amazing parents and friends and have been an example
for Nathan and I to look up to for all these years.
It it is so sad that we just had to say
good-bye to them:( 

They are moving to Arkansas to be closer to family which
we totally understand. They have not been around family
since they got married and yet have stayed so strong. 
We will truly miss them though. When we had to say good-bye
it was hard to look at them and their kids and know that it could
be awhile before we see them again. But,
this just gives us an excuse to travel and visit Arkansas one day!
We are so thankful for the memories that we have shared 
together and will be forever grateful for their family!

Natalee, Marissa and Corban at the county fair

Natalee (7) and Marissa (almost 7) at the county fair
These two were just babies when we met and it
is crazy now how big they are!

Lydia ( 5) and Annika (5) at the fair
Best of friends!

Julianna (3) and Ellia ( 2 turning 3 in Nov.)
These 2 together can be a handful:) They love each
other though:)

Miranda (13 months) and Alyssia (13 months) 
these two are only 4 days apart:)

Grant and Nathan at their going away party. All of these
years they have known him without a beard. And now in this
picture he has a full beard!....which will hopefully be gone in
a couple months:)

Christen and Rebekah at Olive Garden with all the ladies 
for one last time.This is like the one picture that I have
 of us by ourselves. Usually one or both of us was
 pregnant or holding a kid:) So, l like this picture!

We are eternally grateful for the Mora's and thankful
that they have lived here in Virginia for the past 9 years. 
We love you guys!