Sunday, November 11, 2012

thankful (11)

Natalee Renee
Her name means full of joy and if you have met her, 
you know that she is happy by nature! She loves to have fun
and play. She is full of happiness and enjoys life:)

She is getting so big and it is hard to believe that it has already been 
7 years! 

Natalee loves....
*animals-since she was little she has loved pretty much any kind of animal
*her friends- she started making friends when she was 1 year old and still has
some of the same friends today. She is always thinking about her friends and
making cards for them. She loves her friendships! 
*to be creative- she likes to make up her own art projects 
*to play- She can play for hours with just two little stuffed animals and she 
loves to go outside!
These things are true about her
N- not a morning person. she loves her sleep and does not like to be woken up:)
A- active all the time. loves to play sports!
T- thankful for her family- loves to make cards for everyone all the time.
A- able to easily make friends..very social:)
L- leader and likable- she initiates things and is liked by her friends.
E- eager to discover new things...likes to know "why"
E- excellent swimmer and loves the water! 

She was so excited about her first day of "joy school"

9 months old at the zoo

11weeks old

So thankful for Natalee Renee!