Tuesday, November 20, 2012

thankful (20)

Lydia Noelle

It is amazing how each child can be so different. 
All four of our girls have different personalities and 
their own look too. Each one is different in their
own way and I wouldn't change anything about them.

Lydia is one special girl! ( they are all special but in their
own way:)) She is mostly like her daddy in these ways...

likes to dance
~ likes to be the center of attention
~ likes to talk 
~ she has his body shape ( even a little indention
on her chest like he has)
~ likes to hunt and dress in camo
~ likes me to make the same things over 
and over for dinner instead of trying new things
~ likes to make people laugh
~ likes adventure
~ is good at sports and playing games
~ they both have the same smile:)

When Lydia was born, she was only 5.2 lbs...so tiny
but perfectly healthy. She was born at 36 weeks much
to our surprise!

Here is a short version of her birth story...
I was measuring small throughout my pregnancy with her.
At 36 weeks the doctor did an ultrasound and said,
"are you ready to have this baby tomorrow?"
My placenta was actually not working properly so
she would be better out of me then in me. The doctor 
gave me one day to prep then I went in the next morning
to be induced not knowing really what to expect. 
I was induced and started dilating more on my own and she
was born soon after lunch! Natalee was so proud of her!..and so were we:)

One thing about Lydia is that she loves to pose for pictures
and is so photogenic. She has never had a problem taking
pictures and actually loves it! I love this about her:)

Another thing about Lydia is that she absolutely loves
her birthday. She looks forward to it all year. She starts the
countdown to her birthday before Christmas. Her birthday
is February 22nd. She usually can't wait til Christmas cause
that means that her birthday is "2 months" after Christmas:)
She usually extends her birthday celebration to last
the whole week. She knows exactly how many
"parties" that she had last year (including school, family,
friends, sisters, etc.) She knows that in two days
it will be three months until her birthday:)
And I got all emotional thinking that she will be
turning 6. She is growing up way to fast.

Thankful for Lydia Noelle and her sweet personality!