Friday, November 23, 2012

thankful (23)

The girls just had a swim meet and swam so well. I was so 
proud of them! It brings back many memories of
when I swam at their age. They love it and I'm thankful for 
their healthy bodies that allow them to be able to do sports, 
like swimming. It has built their confidence and keeps
them in shape for sure!

At this last swim meet, my mom and dad took 
the two little ones after the girls first event. It was so nice
cause Nathan was home sick and I was able to focus on the 
older two swimming their events. They each swam five events
and during the in between time I was able to sit and talk
 with them, buy a few things from them concession stand
 and be right there on the deck waiting for them to swim.
They enjoyed it and I did too! 

Lydia was focused and waiting for the whistle to 
get in the water for her backstroke event:)
She ended up placing 2nd and was so excited
about getting her best time yet!

Natalee swam a 25 fly in the 8 and under for the first time
 in a meet and did great! She had a beautiful stoke and was
so proud of herself for doing a good job and placing 2nd!

Thankful for their love for swimming and healthy bodies!