Sunday, November 18, 2012

thankful (18)

I am not very good at singing but I still love to sing in church. 
I love being able to freely worship the Lord. Sometimes it is hard to 
focus in church with all the distractions and kids pulling on your shirt, but
I am thankful for the times that I do get to focus in on worship.
I'm thankful though that worship is not just done in church.
I can worship the Lord in the car, in the shower, during the day when
taking care of and playing with the girls...anywhere really! 

I know that God longs for us to worship Him and I want to long
to worship him back. He deserves all the praise and glory! Even on the
hard days when it is difficult to sing a worship song....let my heart sing. 
All of my complaints and worries grow smaller when I do choose
to worship.