Saturday, November 3, 2012

thankful (3)


Of course I am thankful for each one of my girls. Julianna is the 3rd girl and turned 3 in July. I will start off with being thankful for her since right now she is the one that is the most challenging for me. She knows how to get my attention and most of the time it is through doing something that she is not supposed to be doing, like drawing on the floor or pulling her sisters hair or trying to get candy out of the pantry, etc. But, she is so sweet and has the most infectious smile:)

yet she can be so mischievous... 

and determined to do things her own way...

and full of personality!

but I am thankful for all this personality that God has given you. You are a bundle of joy! Even though some days can be very challenging to know what to do with you and to know how to love yet be firm without it breaking you and me down to tears all day.....

I have loved you from day 1!

and will always love you more then you know!