Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It has taken me quite some time now to post anything since the beginning of the year.
I loved starting this blog then I got hesitant when I started realizing that I'm not really
sure what I'm doing! I takes me too long to find out how to do things the correct
way on the computer. I get frustrated and give up. I am determined now though
to keep writing and to eventually figure things out:) Things may not look
pretty right now, but I'm ok with that. In time, I will figure out what I'm doing!

I know this was forever ago, but better late then never:)
At least I will be able to remember a year from now what we did:)


It began with all the girls excited about starting their new activities and school. Nathan and I were looking forward to the start of a new year with some simple goals that we had set! We had enjoyed the Christmas break but we were now ready to get back into a routine:) 

Juls had her first swim class. She talked about it all day, packed her bag, put it by the door at 10:00 A.M. Her swim lesson was at 6:15 so we had a long day to wait but she made it through the day and got to go to her first class. Her cousin, Will, was taking the class too which she was super excited about him being there. She was so proud of herself, listened to the teacher and was sad when the 
class was over. She did great though!

Lydia started her first day of school with Miss Carol. She had been counting down the days for like 2 weeks of when she would get to start. She now gets to go with Natalee on Mondays! Grandpa had given her a free meal coupon for Chic-fil-a and told her to tell us to take her on the first day of school, so we did. We all ended up getting coupons and went to chic-fil-a for dinner!

Natalee and Lydia started gymnastics! They were super excited about starting and loved it! They go on Tuesday nights once a week now.

We went to Tori's homecoming. She was always!

The third week of January was rough. Alyssia woke up one night throwing up and was sick for about 24 hours. 4 days later Julianna started throwing up and it took her 4 days to get over feeling sick. The day after Julianna was better, Natalee got sick. She woke up throwing up and had to miss 2 days of school. Lydia made it through without getting sick somehow and Nathan and I survived. It was a long 2 weeks!

The last weekend in January it snowed! Nathan got home before 4:00 in the afternoon and was able to go outside with us. The girls had so much fun!

♥♥♥ I love you ♥♥♥ 45/365
Photo Source by: Skley

Nathan and I both needed some time together and a chance to say "I love you" many times throughout the day. So we ended up having a "date weekend."

My mom and dad watched all the girls while we went out to dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed our peaceful meal where we could have an uninterrupted conversatoin, taste and savor our food and even get dessert!

Date night (afternoon)  again! This rarely happens but it just so happened to work out where both of our parents asked to watch the girls in the same weekend. So, we took advantage of it and went out Saturday night and then on Sunday after church for lunch and the afternoon shopping. It was so nice to be out for the afternoon by ourselves. We tried out the "cookout" in Newport News and loved it. Next time we will bring the girls! Very affordable. Good food. And you get a milkshake with your meal!
We got to spend a little time at home with no kids!
We love our parents for being able to watch the girls. We love our "date times." It was a much needed weekend and lots of fun for us and the girls:)

It was back to the routine the rest of the week:
School, swimming lessons, gymnastics, church activities, etc.


Every day leading up to February 22nd, Lydia's birthday, we were all well aware of. Lydia absolutely loves her birthday and the lead up to it! She actually started the countdown 56 days before her birthday.   She always tends to stretch out her birthday into at least 3 or 4 different parties. This year her birthday fell on a Friday so we invited the whole family over for dinner of her choice, homemade macaroni and cheese with hot dogs! We all ate dinner, had cake and ice-cream, played games, Lydia danced and opened gifts. Her birthday is always so much fun! 6 years old and growing up way too fast!

   girls practice gymnastics everyday!

On a cold rainy Saturday, Nathan helped the girls make some 
fashion jewelry and they loved it!

Paw-Paw on his birthday with some of the great grandkids!

We spent some time with Luke on the weekends before his deployment

We did hair-braiding, played dress-up, had 
a picnic and the girls later proclaimed
 it as "the best day ever:)" They have a lot
of these and I hope many more!

Natalee all set to go for her first soccer practice
of the season with Nathan as her coach:)

Half Marathon in Virginia Beach!
After a night in a hotel with almost no sleep,
we were happy to all still make our goal of
running under 2 hours!

Girls had a little party for me set up after the race
for my birthday!