Sunday, November 25, 2012

thankful (25)

We just had a "date night" and the picture that 
we took turned out really blurry and too dark:( So, this 
picture will have to do. This is where we wish we had been 
able to go on a date night:) 

I love when we get the chance to go out on a date. 
We try to go out somewhere, anywhere, by ourselves,
twice a month. Recently it has been once a month and
was less then that around the times that we had a little baby.
Now our youngest is 14 months old so we are looking
forward to more date nights:)

When we went out last night, the girls were asking me
why I was all "dressed up" and where we were going. 
Then Natalee asked me how I met "daddy." I 
 told her a short version of our long story version of how we met.

 Then Lydia said, "how old do I have to
be until I get married?"
 Nathan overheard the conversation
and quickly said "36."
 Lydia said, "Well, mommy was only 19
when she got married." 
Nathan, "That was different. I guess you have to 
be at least 23 until you get married."

I love being able to tell the girls our story and how
God brought us together. Nathan and I both felt that
night the urgency to pray for their future spouses.
It seems so far away for that time to come but
yet we know it will come so fast. 

I love our date nights for...

*uninterrupted conversations
*peaceful dinners
*time to talk about "us"
*time to have fun and laugh
*walk through wal-mart without having 
to do my grocery shopping
*get in and out of the car without carseats
*check off some things sometimes on our "errand" list
*coming home to girls sleeping in their beds

It is a lot of work to set up a night for us to go out
and sometimes the girls are not all at the same place. 
Once we do leave them I have to focus on not 
worrying about them while we are gone, but I'm hoping
that will get better as they get should:) 

Extremely thankful for date nights!