Monday, December 17, 2012


"Guilt"- it is such an overwhelming feeling. It can creep 
in and get ahold of your thoughts and pierce your
 heart like nothing else. During the day there is 
usually something I do that I will feel guilty about
at the end of the day. Whether it is yelling at 
the girls, spanking out of frustration, ignoring my
husbands needs, complaining about what I "don't have",
indulging in self pity, not saying "sorry" when I needed to..
the list can go on and on. 

The problem with guilt is when it is not healed with forgiveness.
So often I will let the feeling of guilt weigh me down day
after day instead of facing it and asking for forgiveness.
God is so willing to forgive if I just come to Him with 
an open heart that is willing to accept his forgiveness and 
move on. But, to "move on" is not so simple as it sounds
often times. To "move on" in God's eyes means to forget
about it just as he did when he forgave us. This is when
the enemy creeps in and keeps reminding us of our
mistakes. But, God wants to turn our mistakes into ash.

We just have to be willing to come before Him at the end of 
each day and ask for forgiveness. I teach my girls to do
this yet I often do not even do it. When I see their little
heads bow to ask for forgiveness, it humbles me. 
God is so willing to forgive if we just ask!