Thursday, November 15, 2012

thankful (15)

The dinner table is something that I am especially thankful for this month.
Nathan just started his job at the shipyard last month after working his 
job at UPS for over 9 years. His schedule did not allow him to eat dinner
with us most nights. It was usually me and the girls sitting around the table at
dinner time. It got harder and harder as the girls got older to keep doing this 
without him. When we moved to Smithfield two years ago it made it a
little easier for him to stop by for dinner sometimes when he was in the 
area...and I was thankful for those times. But even then it was rushed and
it was hard for him to get back in his truck to drive all the way
back to the building and maybe make it back before bedtime. 

The last month and a half at dinner time the girls start out with
 a prayer saying how thankful they are that daddy gets home at 4:15 now.
It is sooooo nice! We have been thoroughly enjoying our dinner time!
I'm so grateful that we get to start making family dinners important
now while they are young!