Friday, November 16, 2012

thankful (16)

I have many memories from the time that I lived in Argentina for a year.
I grew to be thankful for many things that I had in the United States 
when I was living in Argentina. One of the first things that I did when I arrived on 
campus was drink a glass of water. I was told right before I drank it
that I probably would not like the taste of it. I was so thirsty so I went ahead
and took a sip but then immediately spit it out. It did not even taste like water
to me. Drinking the water was one of the things that I could just not get used to
while living there. I was so thankful whenever someone came to visit
from the states and brought bottled water. 

When we moved to Smithfield the water tasted different to me and I 
have had to get used to it. I am used to it now but I still just love
the taste of the fresh spring water from a jug or a bottled water. I drink 
fresh water with every meal! 

Thankful for the opportunity to have fresh water here where we live!