Thursday, November 8, 2012

thankful (8)

Last night I looked something like this in bed....after Nathan got up for
work early in the morning. Usually one of the girls will come
in our room at some point during the night whether it is to go 
potty or because they had a bad dream or just because they want to 
get in our bed cause it is "warmer" then their bed. 
Julianna is famous for getting in our bed without us even 
noticing. The other night I felt a little foot next to my head
 and saw that Nathan was about to fall off the side 
of the bed. Last night though, we didn't have any interruptions
 or any of the girls come climb in bed during the night and it was

When I was living at home, the last two years I got my own room. 
I didn't have to share a room with any of my sisters and most 
of all, I didn't have to share a bed. I loved getting in bed at the end of 
the day and having all the space to myself. Now that I am married
I don't mind sharing a bed since it is with my husband:) I do love
those rare times though that I can just lay in bed with no children and
no husband and soak up the uninterrupted sleep! 

feeling thankful today even for a bed to sleep on and when it 
is uninterrupted sleep I am even more thankful!