Friday, November 9, 2012

thankful (9)

One of the things that we have a lot of in our house is "Laughter." 
Almost every night we have to tell the girls to stop laughing so much
so that they can go to sleep. Whenever Natalee and Lydia get in a giggly
mood, it is hard to get them out of it. It is a good thing except when we are
trying to put them to bed:) I am thankful for laughter!
 I have to remind myself to just laugh about things sometimes instead 
of stressing. Like, when we are on the way home 
from church and 3 out of 4 of the girls are crying, each having their own individual
reason as to why they are crying...and the one that is not crying is complaining 
about the noise. The last time this happened I just looked at Nathan
and started laughing. It helped!...I knew that there was nothing I could say
that was going to change the situation so we just laughed. It was good! 
thankful for laughter!