Monday, November 12, 2012

thankful (12)

I have always loved going to the mountains and would live there if we could:) 
When I was in Argentina I hiked a mountain in the Andes and it was
amazing. Since then especially I love being able to hike a mountain.

For our first anniversary we stayed at a bed and breakfast in the mountains
and went on a hiking trip that we will never forget. We found a beautiful trail
and started hiking down(that was the first mistake...we should have started hiking up).
We saw several amazing waterfalls and kept going to the bottom of the mountain.
We had not started the hike until 1:00 in the afternoon (second mistake). Nathan ended
up literally pushing me up the mountain after we got about halfway up in order to make it
back before it got dark. It was a test of endurance to say the least. 
We definitely enjoyed the beautiful hike but learned also what not to do for the
next time. 

We have also been apple picking with the girls and just recently for our 9 year
anniversary went to the mountains. We did a challenging hike but it was so 
much fun to get to the top and enjoy the incredible view. We both love challenges....
and it's nice when there is a great reward! 

Thankful for the mountains that God created!