Friday, January 4, 2013

Wednesday, December 26th

* Nathan woke up early to go hunting and was back by 10:00. It was a rainy day so it ended up being a good day to stay inside and play with the new gifts.

* I took off with all my sisters, minus Bekah, to the movie theater to go see Les Miserables! Me, Liz and Tori liked it but my mom, Courtney and Kimberly didn't like it as much. Liz and I had read the book and I had seen it on broadway so we had an appreciation for the whole story and got into the movie. However, the other half did not and said they would never see it again. It was an interesting discussion afterwards:) We had fun though!

* We got back and all the guys- Nathan, my dad, Blake, Luke, Landon and all the Pittman's went to play basketball in Poquoson. Thank goodness there were no injuries!

* While the guys were playing basketball, all the girls ( and Will and Reese) came over to our house to hang out. We played games, made cookies, painted nails, and watched the kids do the Wii dance.

Juliet and Alyssia playing together:)

* Kimmy and Sergio spent the night at our house. After the girls had baths they stayed up for a little while spending time with Kimmy and Sergio and doing a puzzle with daddy. The girls went to bed and we stayed up talking with them:)

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