Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jenna and Josh

As I try to type with the tears still coming down my face, I keep thinking of all of the things that I should have said tonight to Jenna and Josh. 
My "sister-in-law" just got married tonight. Still can't believe it. I gave a toast and then afterwards thought of all the things that I wanted and had even written down to say. With the many distractions at the reception for me, i.e. trying to keep track of 4 girls, I was not able to portray what I wanted to say. So here is what I was wanting to say and went over in my head so many times but was not able to get out at the toast. 
Jenna and Josh,
The day finally came and it is going to go so quickly but it is evident that your love for each other is going to last a lifetime. You are both so different yet you perfectly fit together. I have always secretly hoped that your relationship would last and that you would one day get married. After the first year of Josh being away at college I knew that it was going to last! Your love for each other never grew apart and you both "knew that you knew" that you were supposed to be together forever. 

Jenna, I have known you since you were 11 and Josh came along not too long after that:) You were in my wedding and I remember people telling me, "Before you know it, your little sisters will be the ones walking down the isle. It seemed so far away but now it is happening. It really is hard to believe that you are married! 
Jenna, our relationship has grown in so many ways over the years. I remember when I went with your family to Florida when Nathan and I were dating. I was a little nervous about riding there without Nathan since I was going there to surprise him, but was glad to have you there with me:) We bonded and our bond is only going to get stronger and stronger in the years to come. You were in my wedding, you were there for all the girls births, you have been to every event possible for the girls, you come over to hang out and babysit all the time and you are always willing to talk on the phone:)
Your love for the girls makes my heart and Nathan's heart overflow with joy.
You love them like you would love your own kids and of course, they love you sooooo much! You are such a strong person and your bubbly personality is contagious. I absolutely love hanging out with you and I am going to miss our time together more then you know. You are my little sister and you always will be and Nathan and I will forever be there for you!

Josh, I have known you it feels like almost as long as I have known Jenna:) Even though you are younger then Jenna, you have always been so mature and a strong leader. I love that you are so funny too and keep Jenna on her toes all the time. Your humble spirit sets you apart and your unconditional love for Jenna is amazing! I love that you have fun with the girls and are willing to do whatever they ask, like dance the wii or let them call you "tv" for "phillips tv." You go along with it and get down to their level:) Even though Nathan likes to joke on you, he has said all along that Jenna would be lucky if  she ended up with you. So, we feel lucky and blessed for you to marry Jenna. There is no doubt in my mind and Nathan's mind that you will take care of her and love her forever. 

Even though it is going to be hard to see you both go and move away from home, I know that it will be good for you. It will be so much fun at times and yet so hard at times being away, but God has it all planned out. If you continue to follow Him and seek Him first, then you will stay strong. Never loose sight of seeking to glorify God first! He will be there with you through it all! Of course, you know that you have a family always there for you and most importantly we will be praying for you always.  

Me, Nathan and the girls hold you both so close to our hearts. We love you forever!


  1. Christen, that is beautiful! I wish I could have been there to see them get married - I'm sure it was a lovely ceremony made even better by everyone knowing just how wonderful Jenna and Josh are together. I'm sorry things didn't come out as you planned at the toast, but I'm sure they knew your heart and were blessed.

    1. Thank you Rebekah! And yes, the ceremony and everything was so beautiful! It was a perfect day to have the ceremony outside, which was a huge answer to prayer. Jenna was gorgeous! I wish you could have been here too. Pictures of the wedding are coming soon!

  2. Christen, that was awesome! So sweet.

    I have a question. Where were the family photos taken that are at the top of your blog?


    1. Thank you! We took these pictures in the fall at Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield. It is a great spot for pictures with lots of different nice backgrounds. It is the same place that Jenna got married and it was beautiful!