Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday, December 20th

* We left for Yankee Candle Factory at 9:00 and picked up Abby Poole on the way.( actually it was 9:10...everything was going smoothly and we were on time until I opened the fridge to get Alyssia's sippy cup and it fell on the floor, cracked and splattered everywhere with milk all in it. I had new swade boots on and they got ruined then I even somehow spilled gas on them while pumping gas on the way).

* We made it to the factory though and met Courtney, Tori and the boys there! I had Bekah with me so we had plenty of help! All the kids dipped candles, we had lunch and picked out some candy bags for all of them:) It was fun!

* Alyssia fell asleep on the way home but only stayed asleep for like 20 minutes so it ruined her nap and Julianna never did fall asleep so I knew I was in for it the rest of the afternoon.

* We got home and played outside then came in and had a short "rest time." 

* Nathan watched the younger two girls and put them to bed while I took the older two girls to Windsor gymnastics center. They were getting evaluated to see what level class they should be in for classes starting in January. They were pumped all day about going and did a great job! They both ended up being able to be in the same class along with a friend who lives in Smithfield. Yea, that means we will be able to carpool!

* It took the girls awhile to settle down after they got home and showed daddy all of their gymnastics moves. Another late night.....but that is what Christmas break is for I guess! 

* It was movie night for Nathan and I!

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