Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tuesday, December 18th

 I'm going to attempt to recap our activities over Christmas! This year was our first year with Nathan actually having some time off over Christmas. Since we have been married, he has been working for UPS and only had Christmas day off. This year he had off 11 days, which has been soooo nice! In years past it has been stressful on Christmas day just trying to fit everything in but this year was quite different!

The girls had off starting the 18th of December so that's when our Christmas break started!

Tuesday, December 18th: 

All the girls slept in which was a nice start to the day! We spent most of the day cleaning and doing some crafts.
* Josh and Jenna came over for dinner. We had Chicken parmigiana with salad and bread. Josh did the wii dance with the girls and was made to dance to songs that they picked:) Jenna did it too and Josh had to do a song by himself but he was a good sport! They stayed and hung out after the girls went to bed. We had a good time!

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