Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wednesday, December 19th

I took the girls to the Y and went running on the trail.
* Karla came and picked up Natalee, Lydia and Julianna to spend the afternoon at her house doing Christmas crafts.
* I dropped off Alyssia at my mom's house while I went to meet with Cindy at Starbucks. She helped me with my blog!
* I picked Alyssia up and brought Bekah home with me to spend the night.
* Nathan took Natalee and Lydia to church while I stayed home with the little ones. It was a long day for them so it was dinner, bath and bed.
* I stayed up with Bekah making caramel popcorn for the first time for Nathan's co-workers. It turned out really good!

* Natalee and Lydia came home all wound up after their Christmas parties from church:) So they didn't get in the bed until 10:00.
* I prepared for leaving the house the next morning by 9 for Yankee Candle Factory.
* Nathan and I went to read in bed:)

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